Dark Knight Security

Here at Dark Knight Security we believe that your peace of mind - and the value of your property - is the most important thing of all. That's why all the guards in our security guard company are handpicked and highly qualified. It's why we run the strictest and most frequent spot tests of any security firms UK. And it's why we are repeatedly picked as the security guard company of choice for businesses who know that their image and their value are one and the same thing.

As a premier security company in London, Dark Knight Security offers excellent rates on security guarding (night and day); mobile patrolling; property inspections (either vacant or with occupants); front of house (in which security is blended with concierge and reception duties); and gate manning. Unlike other security companies in London, we train our guards to compliment and convey your company image. When Dark Knight Security guards are working for your business, they will represent as well as protect you.