Security systems are, nowadays, a feature and an addition to almost every modern home. They have come a long way to become these efficient and versatile ways to ensure the safety and security of your household and your home. Remote control locks, digital cameras and what not, there is a pretty impressive choice of security systems on the market nowadays, while the majority of them are already automatic, easy to use, simple to install, controllable through something as simple as an app on your phone, for example, and allow you to easily and quickly gain access to important information about your home and its security.

However, even the best security system would not be as effective if you don’t make sure all the classic and olden day ways of making sure your household and your home are well-protected are still not set as rules in your house that everyone needs to follow and comply with. Securing your home beyond the modern security system you have purchased and installed is very important too and it does not take more than a consideration. Therefore, we recommend you to check out these handy and easy tips for home security below and make sure to incorporate them into the everyday life and routine of the family.

No Valuables in Plain Sight

You know the rule but you somehow always manage to forget to do it – valuable and expensive things should not be kept in plain sight if you don’t want to become a target of someone who would like to gain access to your home and get them. Even if it is something you do not consider to be that expensive or valuable, it can still catch the attention of burglars and trick them to believe there are far more expensive and valuable things you keep around the house, which is like an open invitation for someone who is willing to steal them. So if you have a nice and expensive car, make sure to keep it in the garage when you are not using it. A big and expensive TV would call for keeping your blinds shut and your windows closed during the night or when there is no one home.

Don’t Hide a Key

Many families would hide a key for the house somewhere around the house for emergency situations or when someone of the family has forgotten their key and they cannot enter the house. While this used to work back in the past, nowadays, the potential hiding spot where you may put the key are far too popular and every burglar will have a good idea where to look for the key. Instead, if you still want to make sure your family will be able to gain access to the house even if they have forgotten their keys, you can opt for a smart system door that can be opened both with a key and with a unique user code, for example.

Don’t Let Them Know There Is No One In the House

Is the household away from home? Well, you should make sure that not everyone in town is familiar with your trip. A good way to conceal the fact that you are not home at the moment is not posting pictures or captions in social media that will let people there is no one in the house. You can save the holiday pictures for later and post them once you are back. Also, make sure to ask your neighbours to collect the mail for you that it seems like someone is in the house, ask someone to mow your lawn if you are away for a longer period of time, do other things that will prevent your home looking empty in the eyes of the burglars. You can easily become a potential target if you fail to do these things. The easiest thing you can do if there is no one to ask to collect the mail, for example, is to leave a few lamps on in the house so it seems like someone is at home.

No Doors With Glass Near the Handle

Doors with glass around the handles are definitely encouraging burglars to gain access into your home. If it is possible and you are designing you home or there is a chance you can replace doors, make sure you are not choosing exterior doors with glass, otherwise burglars can quickly break the glass and enter your home. Do not make it easy for them to do that.

Motion-Activated Lights

We also recommend you to invest in motion-activated lights outside the house. Especially if these are a part of a larger automated system for home safety and security, motion-activated lights are also an effective way to keep burglars away from your home as no one would be that stupid to try and break into your house if they are illuminated by lights for everyone around to see them and the cameras to catch them on video. A sudden spotlight they have not expected is often a reason for burglars to give up on their plan to break into your home and will make them run away.

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